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Según Latinoreview:

A lot of folks and readers have been asking what is Guillermo Del Toro doing next after Hellboy 2: The Golden Army? Well thanks to "Anonymous" we know what he is doing next. It ain't TRAZAN folks. But yes Guillermo is still doing TARZAN, and they are still working on the script cause the script isn't finished just yet.

Anyway GDT next movie is.....

AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS his longtime passion project that he adapted from the novel by H.P. Lovecraft! I know he's been wanting to do this for the longest and it was always said that he is doing it but GDT never had a home (Studio) for it. The story follows explorers who journey to the Arctic where they uncover an ancient race of beasts.

It was our frist script review of the 2007 new year, click "HERE" to check it out. That script is hot, and I can't wait to see it materialized. AND The studio with Los cojones doing it with GDT?

Universal Pictures!

The film is also being produced by Susan Montford, Don Murphy's Angry Films producing.
According to our source, "The deal was finished two weeks ago" and at one point Warner Bros. Pictures wanted to do it with GDT as well. The question now in Hollywood is can GDT & Universal Pictures do it, "pre-strike." I guess GDT took my advice to heart and chose Lovecraft over the been there done that Tarzan.

Another scoop you can take to the bank...And now you will just have to wait for the Uwe Boll team; Variety or The Hollywood Reporter to confirm it in a few days, weeks or so, however long they usually take to confirm.

Aca pueden leer un breve tratamiento del guión de Del Toro.

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