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Segundo titán en menos de quince días, cuando la muerte ataca el cine, lo hace en manada...

Y que mejor que recordarlo con una de mis películas favoritas de todos los tiempos: NASHVILLE. Una maravilla. Suficiente para perdonarle Dr. T y Pret a Porter, incluso Short Cuts, que nunca me pareció buena. En fin. Nashville, Gosdfork Park, Kansas City, MASH, The Player... el tío este tuvo una filmografía de lujo. Buen viaje, aca te recordaremos com DVDs.

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A la/s 6:23 a. m., Anonymous Carlos Nicolini. dijo...

No soy para nada un experto en Robet Altman, pero aquì va una versiòn corregida y levemente ampliada de unos comentarios que posteé en el message board de Dixonverse (por eso lo escribì en inglés, y me da flojera traducir):

I saw "The Long Goodbye" this year at a movie theatre.
I love the novel and Altman's movie version actually made me angry, like no other movie has before or since, not even crappy comic adaptations. I wanted to re-read the book just to take the bad taste ouf of my mind.

I saw two episodes of "Gun", a TV miniseries that he produced, the one with James Gandolfini and the one with Kirsten Dunst. They were OK.

I didn't care for "Pret A Porter", I was probably too young to "get it". I'd like to see it again to reevaluate it.

I saw "Thieves Like Us" and liked it. Good ol' '70s rebel-killed-by-the-system film.

I also liked "Nashville", even though it was loooong, none of the plotlines got a satisfactory (or unsatisfactory, for that matter) conclusion and I don't get the ending. Was the singer or the pre-candidate the actual target? Or is that the point, that after JFK's assassination the state of politics in the US deteriorated so much that bluegrass music was equally important at a socio-cultural level, or something like that, and so the answer to the question makes no difference? Any way, Elliot Gould was funny as an exagerated mega-superstar version of himself (he was never that big a star, right?). And Geraldine Chaplin's character was funny too.

I probably have seen some other stuff by him, but I don't remember right now.

My condolences to his family and friends.


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